Certification of the transmission system operator

In line with the Energy Law (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 145/14 and 95/18 –another law) (Article 101), the transmission system operator has to be certrified. The certification procedure establishes the compliance with legal provisions which relate to the unbundling of the transmission system operator which enables the independence of the system operator and non-discrimination of the transmission network users.

Certification procedure is launched upon the transmission system operator’s request or upon the Agency’s request if the transmission system operator does not apply for certification. The procedure can also be launched upon reasoned request of the Energy Community Secretariat.

Certification procedure, contents of the certification application (template of the certification application and specific templates) and the documents accompanying the application are more closely regulated by the Rulebook on Energy Licence and Certification (Serbian version).

Certification procedure is implemented by the Agency which is obliged to adopt a decision on certification four months since the submission of application. In line with the Energy Law, the Ageny submits the decision to the Energy Community Secretariat for the purpose of gaining opinion (there is two-month deadline for the submission of the decision to the Agency). The Agency adopts the final decision on certification two months upon the submission of the Energy Community Secretariat opinion.

The decision of the Agency on the certifiation of the transmission system operator upon the submission by the system operator and adoption by the Agency will be available here (Serbian version).

Templates for the submission of certification application (in MS WORD format)

Certification application: Template ОС 1 (Serbian version)

Specific template for the electricity transmission system operator: Template ОС 2 (Serbian version)

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