Transmission Network Code

Pursuant to Article 116 of the Energy Law (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 145/14 and 95/18 –another law), with the approval of the Energy Agency, the transmission system operator adopts the Transmission Network Code (Serbian version) which regulates: planning of the transmission system development, including the content of the plan, the manner of planning and the content of the investment plan, conditions and obligations of users for the safe and reliable operations of the transmission system, technical conditions for connection to the transmission system, obligations of users and transmission system operator in functional examination and commissioning of the part of the distribution system of 110kV voltage which is operated by the transmission system operator, as well as in the elements of the power system of producers’ and customers’ facilitites which influence the safe and reliable operations of the transmission system, as well as in examining the operations of the protection and management devices after significant operative events or disruptions in the transmission system operations, the content of the contract on the use of facility concluded with the customer, producer, distribution system operator and closed distribution system operator, use and maintenance of facilities, parameters and the manner of control of electricity quality, planning the transmission system operations, procedure for announcement and confirmation of the operation programme of responsible parties, types and scale of ancillary and system services, operational proceedings and transmission system operation under normal conditions and in case of disruption, access to the transmission system, instrument of securing payment and criteria for setting the amount and the period for which it is asked, metering procedure with defined necessary metering equipment, criteria for the selection of accuracy class of the meter and characteristics of ancillary devices and equipment, procedures for examination and control of metering equipment, commissioning of metering equipment, metering data, use of metering data, depending on the position of the metering point in the system and type of system user, dynamics and manner of control of accuracy of metering point, metering devices and other devices meant for metering purposes, content of the minutes on control, manner of establishment of unauthorized consumption, measures taken in case of power system disruptions as well as in case of works on maintenance and expansion of the power systm, training of the operator’s staff and transmission system users in term of operational proceedings in order to provide safe and reliable transmission system operations and other issues necessary for the transmission system operations.

Transmission Network Code is available on the websites of the Energy Agency and the PE “Elektromreža Srbije“.

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