15th ERRA Energy Investment and Regulation Conference
October 17-18 2016, Bratislava, Slovakia


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Belgrade, March 5 – As part of its obligations arising from the Social Action Plan of the Energy Community that was adopted by the Government in its Conclusion on October 9, 2009, the Serbian Energy Agency conducted benchmarking of legislation and practice in the field of energy consumer protection in several countries.

The Document “Benchmarking of Vulnerable Energy Consumer Protection Measures in Certain Countries” is one of the requisite pieces for designing the model and method to protect vulnerable energy consumers in an environment of liberalized energy markets. The Agency submitted the benchmarking analysis to the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs beginning of March 2010.

From benchmarking international practice, by respecting directives and recommendations of competent EU institutions, it has been concluded that vulnerable consumer protection ought to rest on market acceptable instruments to the extent that is required and possible for each of the individual countries. Assistance provided to those consumers should be shifted from energy entities onto competent state institutions. It must be based on clearly defined criteria that would enable helping those consumers really in need.

Protection of vulnerable energy consumers should include financial assistance for paying energy bills that is defined as the minimum of existential needs, a special procedure in case of delay in paying bills and disconnection from network, as well as assistance for energy efficiency improvements.

31.8.2016 - Agency Approves New Electricity Prices ... >> Details
28.7.2016 - Final Customer’s Right to Access to Data on Electricity and Natural Gas Self-Consumption ... >> Details
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16.6.2016 - Public Consultation – Final Customer’s Right to Access to Self-Consumption of Electricity and Natural Gas ... >> Details
10.6.2016 - Approval of Compliance Programme of the Distribution System Operator “EPS Distribucija” ... >> Details
26.2.2016 - Public Consultation on Draft Rulebook on Proceedings, Imposition of Measures and Register of Imposed Measures ... >> Details
17.2.2016 - SEEPEX Launched Serbian Day-Ahead Market Successfully ... >> Details
29.1.2016 - Public Consultation on Methodology for Setting Costs of Connection to Natural Gas Transmission and Distribution Systems ... >> Details
14.1.2016 - Amendments to Methodologies in the Fields of Oil and Oil Derivatives Transport and Natural Gas Storage ... >> Details
23.12.2015 - Approval of Procedure for Connection to Transmission System ... >> Details
23.12.2015 - Methodologies in the Electricity Field Harmonised with the Energy Law ... >> Details
7.12.2015 - Approval of Cross-Border Capacity Allocation Agreements ... >> Details
3.12.2015 - Branislav Prelević Reelected ECRB President ... >> Details
18.11.2015 - AЕRS: Approval of PE EMS Rules on Cross-Border Capacity Allocation ... >> Details
17.11.2015 - Natural Gas Distributers Take over Metering Devices ... >> Details
6.11.2015 - Approval of PE EMS Transmission Network Code ... >> Details
21.7.2015 - New Rules on Electricity and Natural Gas Supplier Switching ... >> Details
9.7.2015 - Pototschnig Reappointed as the Director of the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators ... >> Details
29.6.2015 - АЕRS: Approval of New Electricity Prices ... >> Details
26.6.2015 - Lower Gas Public Supply Prices as of July 1, 2015. ... >> Details
29.5.2015 - Ministry Confirmed Withdrawal of License of Vuković 1967, LLC ... >> Details
28.5.2015 - Lower Gas Public Supply Prices as of June 1, 2015. ... >> Details
26.3.2015 - No Conditions for Public Supply Price Change ... >> Details
12.3.2015 - Natural Gas Transmission Use-of-System Charge Changed ... >> Details
2.2.2015 - New Gas Prices as of March 2015 due to Dollar Rise ... >> Details
1.2.2015 - Approval of Amendments to “Srbijagas” Natural Gas Transmission Network Code ... >> Details
1.2.2015 - Approval of Amendments to Electricity Distribution Network Code ... >> Details
1.2.2015 - Approval of „YUGOROZGAS-TRANSPORT“ Natural Gas Transmission Network Code ... >> Details
1.2.2015 - Approval of Natural Gas Distribution Network Code ... >> Details
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