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Issued Licenses

Energy Activity 7: Wholesale electricity supply (number of licenses: 52)

No and Issue Date Licence holder, phone number Company’s ID number Head Office Address No and Date of Decision Validity (years)
0310/19-ЛЕ-СНВ iss. 23/4/2019 "ELPEDISON POWER GENERATION S.A.", Marousi, Grčka 009246101000 Marousi 18-20 Amarousiou-Chalandriou 312-21/2019-Л-I iss. 23/4/2019 10
0311/19-ЛЕ-СНВ iss. 9/5/2019 "РИТЬМ-4-ТБ" ООД, Стара Загора, Бугарска 123655865 Бугарска, Стара Загора Свети Княз Борис, No 93, ет.9 312-11/2019-Л-I iss. 9/5/2019 10
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