Report on Necessity of Price Regulation and Supply of the Last Resort

Article 88 of the Energy Law (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 145/14) prescribes that, among other prices, prices that can be regulated include prices of electricity meant for guaranteed supply and prices of capacity reserve for secondary and tertiary control system services. The Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia (Agency) analyses the necessity of regulation of these prices once a year based on the following:

  • level of competitiveness reached in the local electricity market;
  • reached level of protection of energy-wise vulnerable customers;
  • regional electricity market development and
  • assessment of available cross-border capacity.
and prepares and publishes a report on necessity of further regulation of these prices. In addition to this, Article 194 of the Energy Law prescribes that the Agency assesses the necessity of further supply of the last resort and its impact on market competition once a year and prepares a report on this.

Decisions and reports on the necessity of regulation of electricity prices and of the supply of the last resort are available on the following link.

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